Plant Descriptions

ACER RUBRUM, Red Maple. 40-60' (Zone 3b-9), Medium to Fast Growth. Fall Color: greenish yellow to yellow to red.
ACER SACCHARUM, Sugar Maple. 60-75' (Zone 4-8), Slow to Medium Growth. Fall Color: brilliant yellow, burnt orange and limited red tones. One of the best of the larger shade and lawn trees.
ACER SACCHARINUM, Silver Maple. 60-80' (Zone 3), Short trunk, upright, and fairly open. Foliage medium green, silvery beneath. Fall color: pale yellow. Rapid growth rate.
CERCIS CANADENSIS, American Redbud. 20-30' (Zone 4), Lavender-pink flowers appear in March and April before leaves. Foliage dark green, heart shaped, yellow fall color. Very drought resistant.
FRAXINUS PENNSYLVANICA SUBINTEGERRIMA, Green Ash. 50-80' (Zone 2), Dense, twiggy tree with compact, oval crown and bright green foliage. Yellow fall color. Rapid grower.
LIQUIDAMBAR STYRACIFLUA, Sweet Gum. 50-60' (Zone 4), Pyramidal form and cork-like bark combine with gorgeous fall coloring for an outstanding tree.
LIRIODENDRON TULIPIFERA, Tulip Tree. 60-90' (Zone 5), Large glossy tulip-shaped leaves turn clear golden-yellow in the fall. Greenish-yellow, fragrant flowers bloom in late spring. Handsome, stately tree valued for flowers and foliage; useful as a specimen or for mass plantings in very large areas. Good fall color. Rapid grower.
PYRUS CALLERYANA, Cleveland Select Flowering Pear. 30' (Zone 4-9), Excellent street tree with dense white flowering in early spring and purple fall coloring. Attractive upright oval with glossy green leaves. Superior branch structure that withstands ice and wind damage better than the Bradford pear. Fruitless, few pest problems, tolerates urban conditions and heavy clay soils.
SALIX BABYLONICA, Green Weeping Willow. 30-50' (Zone 5), Rapid Grower. Medium green foliage. Long weeping branches.
SALIX MATSUDANA 'TORTUOSA', Corkscrew Willow. 24-30' (Zone 4), Branches spirally twisted giving the tree a unique appearance.

CHAENOMELES SPECIOSA, Japanese Flowering Quince. 6-10' (Zone 5), scarlet red flowers, very showy. Each flower 1 1/2" to 1 3/4" in diameter. Medium growth rate.
EUONYMUS ALATUS COMPACTUS, Dwarf Winged Euonymus, 'Burning Bush'. 5-6' (Zone 4), Green summer foliage turns scarlet red in fall. Excellent for parks or industrial sites.
FORSYTHIA 'LYNWOOD GOLD'. 6-8' (Zone 4), Upright in habit. Has profuse golden yellow blooms in spring to early summer.
HIBISCUS SYRIACUS AMPLISSIMUS, Double Red Althea; HIBISCUS SYRIACUS ARDENS, Double Purple Althea; HIBISCUS SYRIACUS 'JEANNE D'ARC', Double White Althea; HIBISCUS SYRIACUS PULCHERIMUS, Double Pink Althea. 10-12' (Zone 5), Large double blooms and dark green cut leaf. Blooms profusely in summer.
HYDRANGEA MACROPHYLLA 'Nikko Blue', Blue Hydrangea. 3-6' (Zone 6), Good shrub border, medium green leaves with large rounded deep blue blooms.
HYDRANGEA PANICULATA GRANDIFLORA, Peegee Hydrangea. 8-10' (Zone 4), Giant cone-shaped blooms, first white with shades of pink, and turning bronzy in fall.
LAGERSTROEMIA INDICA, Common Crapemyrtle. 15-25' (Zone 6), Perfect 6-petaled flowers 1 to 1 1/2" wide in white, pink, purple or red. Leaves come in yellowish green, bronze to reddish purple yielding to lustrous medium to dark green.
LONICERA TATARICA ROSEA, Pink Tartarian Honeysuckle. 8-10' (Zone 4), Bushy shrub. In late spring and early summer the dark green foliage is covered with pink trumpet shaped flowers.
MAGNOLIA LILIIFLORA, 'ANN', Lily Magnolia. 8-10' and 10' wide (Zone 6), Rounded, shrubby plant. More open than 'Betty'. Deep purple-red blooms, 7-9 petaled. Flowers open before the leaves. Good grower but slower than 'Jane'.
MAGNOLIA LILIIFLORA, 'JANE', Lily Magnolia. 8-10' (Zone 6), Rounded, shrubby plant. Flowers open before the leaves. Reddish purple outside and white inside. Looks like 'Ann' but grows faster.
MAGNOLIA X LOEBNERI 'LEONARD MESSEL', Loebner Magnolia. 15-20' (Zone 6), Flowers have 12-15 petals, 4-6" across flushed with a purple-pink line along their center, fuchsia pink on the back and white on the inside. Lovely fragrance.
MAGNOLIA STELLATA, 'ROYAL STAR', Star Magnolia. 15-20' with 10-15' spread (Zone 6), Dense to oval rounded shrub. Pink buds open to 25 to 30 nearly pure white tepals, fragrant, 3-4" in diameter. Clean, dark green foliage.
PHILADELPHUS CORONARIUS, Sweet Mockorange. 8-10' (Zone 4), Very fragrant, abundant white flowers on attractive arching branches.
PRUNUS CISTENA, Purpleleaf Sand Cherry, Cistena Plum. (Shrub Form, Own Root Stock)15-20' (Zone 3), Hardy, with purple-red foliage. Light pink blossoms in early spring.
SALIX DISCOLOR, French Pussy Willow. 12-25' (Zone 2), Fast grower with reddish brown stems and bright green leaves. Fuzzy, silvery white catkins. Used in landscaping as fast growing material. Interesting flowers and fruit for floral arrangements.
SPIRAEA BUMALDA 'ANTHONY WATERER', Anthony Waterer Spiraea. 3' (Zone 4), Oval leaves are pinkish becoming dark green. Wine red flower clusters. Blooms in late spring.
SPIRAEA BUMALDA 'GOLDFLAME', Goldflame Spiraea. 4' (Zone 6), Golden foliage that turns crimson in fall, with rosy red flowers most of the summer.
VIBURNUM PLICATUM TOMENTOSUM, Double File Viburnum, 'Japanese Snowball'. 7-10' (Zone 4), Spectacular round, snow-white flowers and red fruit turning to black.
WEIGELA, Red Weigela. 6-10' (Zone 5), Upright shrub with rich red, trumpet-like blooms in spring.
WEIGELA FLORIDA ROSEA, Pink Weigela. 8-10' (Zone 5), Bright pink, fragrant, trumpet-shaped flowers smother gracefully arching branches in late spring.

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